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Teen & Senior Classes

Ages 12-18



AGES 12-18

Ballet is a classical dance form teaching grace and precision by using traditional ballet technique. Dancers will learn ballet technique and terminology throughout each year.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students' technique by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. It is a unique training system using ballet-technique specific exercises to train skill acquisition in a graded and progressive manner from junior through to advanced levels. Anyone who registers for PBT will be charged  a $15.00 equipment fee for the maintenance and replacement of the PBT equipment provided by DPDC.

Pre-Pointe is for those who want to train more seriously in Ballet. Pre Pointe will help to
condition dancer's feet and ankles to prepare them for pointe shoes. Pointe shoes are awarded by our Ballet Department head only, and will only be awarded if the student shows enough progress. Dancers need to be at least 10 years old and have at least 2 years of ballet experience.

Pointe class will continue to train dancers that have received their pointe shoes and have completed at least one year of Pre-Pointe at DPDC. Dancers are required to enroll in at least two Ballet classes a week, and have directors permission.


Mondays: 5:00-5:45


Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)

Mondays: 7:15-8:00


Teen/Senior Ballet (Ages 12-18)

Mondays: 7:30-8:30

Pointe I

Wednesdays: 4:00-4:45

Pointe II

Wednesdays: 8:30-9:15

Pointe III

Tuesdays 8:00-8:45

ALL 3 SHOWS - June 21st -  10:00, 2:00 & 6:00



AGES 12-18

Lyrical is a beautiful dance form implementing ballet & jazz techniques to express lyrics of songs; flowing, graceful, emotional and inspirational. Dancers will develop strength & flexibility while acquiring solid dance technique.

Teen Lyrical (Ages 12-14) - Wednesdays: 4:30-5:15

​Senior Lyrical (Ages 15-18) - Wednesdays 9:00-9:45

Teen/Senior Lyrical (Ages 12-18) - Thursdays 8:00-8:45


Winter Showcase - Show 1

Spring Showcase (Sat June 21st)

Show 3: 6:00pm



AGES 12-18

Jazz class will focus on learning proper dance technique and improving performance quality as well as developing complex rhythms and patterns. Students will be exposed to various styles of jazz to help develop a well rounded dancer. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with traditional jazz movement and including a proper warm-up, stretches, across the floor progressions, and combinations. As students progress through each level curriculum will become more complex.

Turns and Leaps class focuses on turning, leaping and jumping, all deriving from jazz technique. Dancers are encouraged to enroll in a jazz technique class as well to accompany this class.


Teen Jazz (Ages 12-14) - Wednesdays: 5:15-6:00

Senior Jazz (Ages 15-18) - Wednesdays 8:15-9:00

Teen/Senior Jazz (Ages 12-18) - Thursdays: 8:45-9:30

Winter Showcase - Show 1

Spring Showcase (Sat June 21st)

Show 3: 6:00pm

Turns & Leaps

Mondays: 9:15-10:00

Thursdays: 7:00-7:45

*no showcase*



AGES 12-18

Tap is one of the oldest dance forms in this country. Students are taught rhythms, timing, and leg/foot coordination done to various types of music. We teach all types of tap from traditional tap to funky Rhythm tap. Students will receive well-rounded knowledge of all types of tap

Teen Tap (Ages 12-14) - Tuesdays: 8:00-8:45

Senior Tap (Ages 15-18) - Mondays: 6:00-6:45

Winter Showcase - Show 1

Spring Showcase (Sat June 21st)

Show 3: 6:00pm



AGES 12-18

Contemporary dance is a popular form of dance which developed during the twentieth century and deriving from modern dance, contemporary uses emotion, free form, and improvisation to create thought provoking works of art. Students are welcome to join this class but are encouraged to take it with a ballet class.

Tuesdays: 6:00-6:45 (SPOTLIGHT)

Tuesdays: 8:45-9:30

Winter Showcase - Show 1

Spring Showcase (Sat June 21st)

Show 3: 6:00pm



AGES 12-18

Hip Hop class utilizes upbeat music from various genres in addition to the latest Hip Hop hits. The resulting outcome is an energetic class that not only teaches you Hip Hop movements and technique but also instills rhythm and precision in your muscle memory. All dancers from any level are welcome.

Mondays: 8:30-9:15

Wednesdays: 9:00-9:45

Winter Showcase - Show 1

Spring Showcase (Sat June 21st)

Show 3: 6:00pm

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